A simple beverage of leaves and water! Tea is a marvelous ancient beverage that has been drunk for pleasure and health purposes for thousands of years. Not only is tea soothing and flavorful, but throughout its history tea has been associated with important health benefits. Tea has been famous for the three nourishing ingredients; antioxidants, nutrients and caffeine. A cup of tea is at heart a daily ritual, a great and elemental pleasure.

Tea is whatever you would like it to be. Tea can be a soothing comforter, a culturally enriching ceremonial beverage, a get-together memorable drink, or even a natural energy booster. 

As Isteakan’s customers withhold a unique diversity of moods, passions and desires, Isteakan teas present a large pallet of tea and herbal tea products and blends to fulfill all tastes.

Isteakan specialty tea is a perfect infusion of beauty, health, art, aroma and flavor.