At Isteakan we design and blend a variety of specialty tea blends for a group of local and international cafes and restaurants. We present specialty custom tea menus that reflect your establishment’s unique concept and style. Inspired by your space and vibe, Isteakan creates custom  menus  and  artisanal  tea  blends.

Our Tea Design experience begins with a unique and customized tea menu, taking you to an exceptional tea presentation and experience for your customers through our custom “Tea Pallet”, and ending with an artisanal tea serving presentation, a truly memorable and heartwarming ritual!


You can choose from a variety of:
Green Tea and Green Tea Blends
Oolong Tea and Oolong Tea Blends
Black Tea and Black Tea Blends
Rooibos, Honeybush & Herbal Tisanes
Iced Tea Blends
    You can Find Isteakan Custom Tea Design experience at
      Café Hanin           Daimeh       Jordan Heritage         Little Italy           Manara                MQ                 Primal